Our Mission & Vision at Regal Limousines

We at Regal Limousines strive to be the best at what we do. As such, our mission and vision, outlined below, is shared by all our workers and is a testament to our success at being Auckland’s preferred premium limousine & sedan hire transport business.


  • To provide the best service in the Auckland region
  • To create a quality premiere experience for our customers
  • To provide a range of quality choice options to our customers
  • To deliver quality, service & integrity to our customers, in everything we set out to do
  • To maintain a clean, tidy & up-to-date fleet of vehicles, with the latest technologies installed
  • To review & update our packages & prices annually to meet the changing markets
  • To be customer service focussed
  • To create a happy & memorable experience for our customers
  • To provide top quality experienced chauffeurs for our customers
  • To provide a safe environment for both our workers & customers
  • To take care of the travelling arrangements for our customer’s, local and international, so they can enjoy their travel & journey ahead, without worry or stress, with the confidence of knowing that it is taken care of by Regal Limousines.


  • To be the market leaders for limousine & sedan hire services in the Auckland region
  • Aim to be the best quality limousine & sedan hire service provider in the Auckland region
  • To develop & foster ongoing relationships with new & existing customers for repeat work
  • To be the limousines & sedan supplier of choice within the Auckland region
  • To deliver & maintain a high standard of service to our customers
  • To maintain market presence on search engines in New Zealand, in particularly the Auckland region
  • Aim to be recommended reputably by others, who have used our services
  • Aim to ensure that our clients have a pleasant & memorable experience, when using our services
  • To provide transport services for customers beyond the Auckland region, up and down the North Island of New Zealand

Regal Limousines Directors Stamp of Approval

Darren Resnick (Managing Director)  – Date: 25 March 2016