Regal Limousines Launches its 2013 Website Re-design (Tablet and Smart Phone friendly)
Coming Soon in May 2013
News Posted Date: 17 April 2013
Watch our space over the next month (May 2013) as Regal Limousines is pleased to announce that it will be launching its new 2013 corporate website. As Regal Limousines has continued to grow in size, we felt the need to make some new improvements to the website so that we can capture wider clientele groups.
To get with the times Regal Limousines have invested in upgrading their new website to become both tablet and smart phone friendly. The upgrade will be incorporating a complete redesign of the website, adding new and improved  features, with the intention of making the website design both easy to navigate and user friendly.
We hope you will all enjoy the benefits of our new website design and features. Our focus is to improve & deliver the best quality service to our customers, at all times.
As such, we would be delighted to receive your feedback on what you think of our new corporate website and how you think it compares to our previous website design.
Thank you
Darren Resnick (Director)
Regal Limousines 

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